Why I’m Rooting for Votes at 16 Today

The time has come.

Later today, Jim McMahon MP presents his Private Member’s Bill to the Commons for its second reading, urging the house to support for votes for sixteen year-olds after years of campaigning by the NUS and British Youth Council’s Votes at 16 Coalition. The bill is supported by many notable MPs including Jeremy Corbyn and Caroline Lucas. Chuka Umunna, Clive Lewis and Hilary Benn are also among the MPs who will be voting in favour after the debate. Here’s the story of why I’m desperate to see it passed…

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John Howard on The Granite Shore

Things are going well for singer-songwriter John Howard, who recently announced that his memoirs, Incidents Crowded with Life, would be published by Fisher King Publishing. Next month, John appears on The Granite Shore’s second LP Suspended Second. I asked him all about the album and how he came to be involved with the band, and The Granite Shore singer and guitarist Nick Halliwell, whose label Occultation Recordings released John’s latest solo album Across the Door Sill.

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Credit to Corbyn; Sleaford Mods excellent: my thoughts on Glastonbury so far

It’s a shame that this afternoon at about 4 o’clock, Jeremy Corbyn’s 15-minute speech at Glastonbury ended up tucked away on the Red Button and not broadcast on the BBC’s regular channels. People deserved to hear it.

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My General Election reaction

Having written a ‘morning after’ blog post following the EU referendum, I feel like it would be nice to start a tradition and do so for the 2017 General Election (that, and the fact that I’ve been down to London a few times recently and have a whole load of new stock photos of Westminster taken with the express intention of using on my blog…)

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Good Lords!

Oh god. Tony’s talking about politics again.

‘You wouldn’t let it lie’– Vic Reeves

Over the past few years, I will admit to having been critical of the Lords at times, and calling for reform of the red benches. I have been lucky enough to see inside Parliament, and it occurred to me that the decadent throne at the front of the chamber is emblematic of all that is wrong with Parliament, and the British political system more widely.

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