Motown The Musical: A technicolour, feel-good celebration of the Detroit label that just didn’t quite have me dancing in the streets

Motown The Musical
Shaftesbury Theatre

Motown The Musical is a joyful celebration of Motown’s first 25-years that oozes showmanship and panache from the sequin effect daubed on the ornate exterior of the Shaftesbury Theatre to the huge, glossy programme.

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Nelson and Norfolk exhibition brings together important historical artefacts

At the end of July I was lucky enough to attend the press preview of the Nelson and Norfolk exhibition at Norwich’s Castle Museum, to write a feature for September’s edition of Concrete. The exhibition is home to a number of historically important items which chart Nelson’s life and career, with its most headline-grabbing being the musket ball which killed the British Admiral at the Battle of Trafalgar, loaned from the royal collection and normally on display at Windsor Castle.

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