The Andy Lewis Story

Six months ago today, an Instagram photo from Andy Crofts all but confirmed rumours that he was going to replace Andy Lewis on bass in Paul Weller’s band. Although I’ve now grown to love the new band setup with Tom van Heel taking Crofts’ place on keys and the Moons frontman on bass, Andy Lewis is the bassist I associate with my earliest memories of seeing Weller’s band.

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TEF: Terrible Education Failure


I was interested to read yesterday that the University of East Anglia has, following a successful appeal, been upgraded from silver to gold on the government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). Although it looks like a nice status for UEA to have achieved, there’s no point in being too jubilant.

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‘Graduates should look smaller for bigger chance of job hunting success’ – survey

Graduates searching for a job should prioritise their time towards looking for more niche vacancies with smaller businesses and writing specific applications for each post they apply to rather than sending out as many blanket applications as possible to market leaders, a recent survey of graduate employers has suggested.

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Will it Go Round in Circles?

Will it go round in circles? Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky?

Sadly, this isn’t an article about the sublime Billy Preston tune covered by Paul Weller on Jools’ 1996 Hootenanny. (A quick PSA, don’t watch the Weller video on YouTube. It’s not a patch on his substantially better 2001 version on the Jools Holland Big Band CD compilation. You’re welcome.)

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