Shore thing!

Just a quick heads-up today…

Keep your eyes peeled for some posts later this year in anticipation of the upcoming second album from thinking man’s indie band The Granite Shore. Lead singer Nick Halliwell has this time enlisted the help of a certain Mr John Howard on piano and backing vocals, signed last year to his label Occultation Recordings, also The Granite Shore’s home.

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Pictures at Huxleys Neue Welt

31st May 2017, 8:20pm CET: Pictures frontman Maze Exler calmly puts down his guitar, reaches on top of a nearby amp and picks up a cigarette. He lights it but the flame doesn’t last for more than five seconds of his wandering around. He flicks his lighter again and this time the flame takes. He wanders over to the microphone in the centre of the Huxleys Neue Welt stage and slowly begins singing. We already knew from Ole Fries’ guitar intro exactly what it was going to be.

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Strength of their Nature: Lovestarrs, Planet Lovestarr – Review

“Yeah you give me that physical feeling, butterflies when I’m walking the streets with you”

Lovestarrs – Planet Lovestarr (DEFDISCO) 10/10

Lovestarrs today released their long awaited debut album Planet Lovestarr. Singer Sarah McIntosh and her brother, bassist Hamish, were helped by a bunch of eminent Swedish producers to create a slick synthpop sound in an excellent record characterised by several real earworms.

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Opening Up, Stretching Out: John Howard, Across the Door Sill – Review

“Praise is what we crave, it whispers like a lover. Time’s a funny thing, it sings in our ears like a siren.”

John Howard – Across the Door Sill (Occultation Recordings) 8/10

John Howard last week released his latest solo album, following on from the Europe-wide success last year of his new band’s self-titled debut LP John Howard and the Night Mail. Across the Door Sill is a concept album which really delivers the goods despite throwing fans a curveball on first listen, differing markedly from the full band sound of the Night Mail.

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