In Focus: The Allianz Arena

Munich’s Allianz Arena, home to FC Bayern and on occasion the German national football team, is one of the world’s best examples of how a new build football stadium should be designed.

Like another of Germany’s more interesting attractions, Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin, the existence of the Allianz Arena is owed to a regional referendum, where almost two thirds of voters backed plans for the new stadium. After ground was broken in 2002, Bayern moved in to the 346 million euro arena during 2005 and announced that by the end of 2014 they had recouped the building cost, years ahead of their 2030 target. Minus the sponsor’s name (a financial services firm headquartered in Munich), it was used for six matches in the 2006 World Cup including the opening game and a semi-final, hosting Germany twice in two wins.

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Berlin: the basics

Berlin is one of my favourite cities, for its history, atmosphere, excellent transport systems and the proximity of its sites of interest. In an hour or two you can see and get close to many of its world famous monuments and sites of historical or current interest.

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Tempelhofer Feld: Berlin’s reclaimed heart?

An important piece of history and a nice green space, but don’t put this at the top of your ‘to-visit’ list.

There’s something a bit odd about Berlin’s Tempelhofer Feld. Sure, there are all the regular amenities of a public park, but this is no ordinary green space. Because on the edge of the enormous 300+ hectare park stands an imposing Nazi constructed airport terminal. Where once the two runways on the site carried jumbo jets, they are now used by skaters and cyclists.

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