Motown The Musical: A technicolour, feel-good celebration of the Detroit label that just didn’t quite have me dancing in the streets

Motown The Musical
Shaftesbury Theatre

Motown The Musical is a joyful celebration of Motown’s first 25-years that oozes showmanship and panache from the sequin effect daubed on the ornate exterior of the Shaftesbury Theatre to the huge, glossy programme.

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Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour Review – A musical play that gets the balance just right.

Dorfman Theatre, London.

Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour is a musical play that gets the balance spot on between unbridled, youthful joy and almost total hopelessness over the course of less than two hours, with hardly a pause for breath.

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Made in Norfolk

The Norfolk Youth Music Theatre’s Made in Dagenham

Norwich Playhouse, Thursday 7th April 2016, 7:30pm

Before I begin, I’m going to make a confession. Last night was the first musical I have ever attended in person, and the first time I have been to the Playhouse for at least 10 years. Having never seen Made in Dagenham in either of its cinematic or theatrical guises, I know nothing other than what the Norfolk Youth Music Theatre (YMT) put on so while my thoughts may lack technical grounding, they will come free from preconceptions and complications. So here goes…

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