My General Election reaction

Having written a ‘morning after’ blog post following the EU referendum, I feel like it would be nice to start a tradition and do so for the 2017 General Election (that, and the fact that I’ve been down to London a few times recently and have a whole load of new stock photos of Westminster taken with the express intention of using on my blog…)

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Good Lords!

Oh god. Tony’s talking about politics again.

‘You wouldn’t let it lie’– Vic Reeves

Over the past few years, I will admit to having been critical of the Lords at times, and calling for reform of the red benches. I have been lucky enough to see inside Parliament, and it occurred to me that the decadent throne at the front of the chamber is emblematic of all that is wrong with Parliament, and the British political system more widely.

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The Commons’ Most Telling Vote

So, the results are in. Article 50 will, wholly unsurprisingly, be triggered after the Parliamentary vote last night. I doubt he read my comment section in Concrete (but you can here!) but in resigning from the front bench and going against Jeremy Corbyn’s three-line whip on the final vote, Clive Lewis behaved superbly and represented his constituents properly, having to lay down his shadow cabinet role for now at least and immediately jumping to the top of the odds lists to succeed Corbyn at the helm of the Labour Party.

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