Shirley Lee on Spearmint’s new single

Indie-pop legends Spearmint are back with a new single, Senseless (A Stranger) b/w he Music They Love Us To Hate, which will be released on the 7th April on wiaiwya records, the first instalment of their final 7777777 singles club. Read all about it and preorder here.

Frontman Shirley Lee told me a bit more about how the single came about…

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John Howard – Songs From the Morning review

John Howard has today released his latest EP Songs From the Morning, where he has covered songs from five artists who influenced him as he grew up in Bury and continue to have an impact on his writing as he prepares to release his eighteenth ‘solo’ LP later this year as he turns sixty-five.

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A Band Called Malice at the Norwich Arts Centre

A Band Called Malice
Norwich Arts Centre

Anyone in any doubt about just how much The Jam mean to people needs only go and see one of their many tribute bands. And on the evidence of last night’s performance, the recently formed, Midlands-based A Band Called Malice are one of the best.

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On tour with PICTURES

“I hope I see you next year”

I recently travelled out to Germany to see my favourite band around at the moment PICTURES on the last two dates of their winter tour. Starting on Friday 19th January in Munich and continuing on to Nuremberg on Saturday 20th, the boys brought songs from their debut album Promise and a couple of new efforts from their forthcoming LP to Bavaria to close a nine-date tour of Germany which started before Christmas and concluded with five consecutive January dates.

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‘New KEN album coming soon’ – Abay

*** I’ve spoken a bit to Ole Fries over the past few days and it’s become clear that many of my predictions in this article are bollocks! Don’t take it too literally! ***

When the new issue of Concrete makes its way onto campus this afternoon, you might find a column in there where I explain why, in the absence of much information about Paul Weller’s next effort, scheduled for Autumn, the album I’m most looking forward to this year is Rae Morris’ second record Someone Out There.

While I still can’t wait for that, recent information has presented a potential usurper to Morris’ upcoming LP in my anticipation: the fourth LP from German art-rockers KEN.

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Brilliant Borwitzky!

Another string to his Bowy

Michael Borwitzky is an often-overlooked member of PICTURES, one of my favourite bands around at the moment. Joining Union Youth in the early 2000s following the dissolution of his previous group Once on Mars, under his nickname Bowy he became part of a band that went down in grunge history thanks to their two superb albums The Royal Gene and The Boring Years.

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