About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m 21-years-old, from Norwich, and I graduated this summer after spending three years at the University of East Anglia studying BA Literature and History. Since starting at UEA, I have gained bylines in The Independent, The Tab Norwich, The Daily TouchConcrete, Venue, Blues in Britain MagazineThe Broad, Society19, ExplorationLFM, UEA’s Gig History website and Paul Weller News.

In my first year I was a UEA Union Councillor and in my second I was President of Egg Box, UEA’s Publishing Society, Health and Safety Officer of the Blog Society and Features co-editor of Concrete, UEA’s student newspaper.

For my final undergraduate year I was Sport editor of Concrete, Secretary of the Blog Society and Publicity Officer of the Publishing Society.

My dream career is in journalism or PR. My specific journalistic interests include reporting national news in local contexts, technology (specifically wireless internet access), politics and reviews, especially of music and sport.

I’m a proudly left-leaning Remain voter and supporter of Votes at Sixteen.

Away from university I’m keen on keeping up to date with current affairs and politics. I love music and am an ardent Paul Weller fan. I watch BBC1 daytime soap Doctors every day. I love football and I’m particularly interested in stadium infrastructure. If I was stuck on a desert island with an unlimited supply of one alcoholic drink, it would have to be Hooch.

All views on here are my own, unless you want to share them.

Above photo: UEA Square, 24/05/2017, photo on 35mm film by Anisha Jackson.

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