Seventh heaven as Spearmint announce new single on wiaiwya label

Spearmint have announced they will be releasing their next single, Senseless (A Stranger) b/w The Music They Love Us To Hate on the 7th April.

The single will be released on 7″ vinyl and download by the wiaiwya (Where It’s At Is Where You Are) label as the first release of this year’s annual singles club. wiaiwya have in the past published Darren Hayman, The Wave Pictures, Papernut Cambridge and Standard Fare among others.

In an edition of 400, the frosted clear 7″ will make a nice addition to Spearmint collectors’ record boxes 12 years after the set of three coloured Paris in a Bottle vinyls.

Those preordering either the vinyl (with complimentary downloads) or just MP3s from Bandcamp are able to download B-side The Music They Love Us To Hate immediately.

Clocking in at just over two minutes, the lively tune is driven by a marching drum beat with a sparse, low-fi guitar part backing a fuzzy effect on a second, backing channel of Shirley Lee’s lead vocals as he deftly puts the modern world to rights.

Have a listen here…

In an email, Spearmint frontman Lee told fans: “The A-side is called Senseless (A Stranger) and is a return to disco territory, with [A Week Away producer John Etkin-Bell, or] JB at the helm. The B-side The Music They Love Us To Hate is your regular horrified Brexit Trump rant, and was also recorded recently in Brighton with JB.

“These tracks are the first fruits of our current writing – we’re working on whatever it is that comes next.”

The cult label wiaiwya is best known for its 7777777 singles club, of which this is a part. Launched in 2012, in an act of beautiful symmetry, the plan was to release seven 7″ singles each year for the next seven years. 2018 marks the seventh and final year the club will run, with Spearmint being the first artist confirmed for participation.

As well as purchasing your favourite artists’ releases directly, there is an option to take a punt and subscribe to receive all seven as they are released – this year a subscription will cost £42 including UK p&p, slightly more abroad. Full details are available on the singles club’s website.

Senseless (A Stranger) will be the first Spearmint release since a set of three download-only tracks available for free on Bandcamp, uploaded last Spring and still online here. Their most recent album It’s Time To Vanish appeared in 2016, featuring fan favourites Man And The Moon, Someone’s At The Door, I Used To Run and Sunflower Eyes.

Spearmint have no immediate gigs lined up, with last year’s jukebox show at London’s Water Rats billed as their last for some time. Lee added: “we have no plans for gigs in 2018… but do get in touch if you have an idea which could tempt us out!”

Senseless (A Stranger) b/w The Music They Love Us To Hate is available to preorder now on download or vinyl from wiaiwya’s Bandcamp page here.

*** Shirley Lee has told me more about how the single came about – read his thoughts here. ***


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