Visit my Tumblr (please)!

A shameless bit of self-promo here, as the title suggests, so I really won’t be offended if you’re busy and decide not to read on!

After setting up a page last year, I’ve just added some more of my photos to Tumblr!

I love how easy it is to use, and the layout of the finished page.

I don’t know whether anyone uses Tumblr any more, but I decided to get it after finding out that one of my favourite indie labels, Nick Halliwell’s Occultation, used it for publicity, sharing interviews and reviews of their albums (including several I’ve written in various places). I pretty much skipped the embarrassing teen fandom phase (and might just be going through it now…), so I never had a tumblr account dedicated to Paramore or Gerard Way. I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.

Anyway, I’ve since reblogged the links to my writing that Occultation uploaded to their page. But I wanted to concentrate more on my photography rather than writing (that’s what this is for!!) so I’ve uploaded some of my favourite photos that I’ve taken.

I started with putting up some photos of UEA’s campus that I’d taken on an Olympus film camera, various disposable cameras and my phone. Then, I put some on from Norwich Pride, also on 35mm film.

I’ve also added some various earlier ones from around the city and further afield including some snaps of F15 jets at Lakenheath – my camera at the time was pretty good at capturing the hot air behind the afterburners. There are also a couple here of footballers and football stadia.

Most recently, I’ve added some photos I’ve taken of various musicians.

If you like, you can have a little peruse here: – any comments are of course most welcome!

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Tony Allen

20-year-old student from Norwich.

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