Rocky Mountain Pizza Project Review

When in Rome, as they say, get drunk and eat pizza. See, there’s no point doing a review of an eating establishment without putting yourself in the mindset of an average visitor. You wouldn’t review a Michelin starred restaurant in a tracksuit, would you?

Anyway, after a good night out and just a few alcoholic beverages, last weekend I visited the Rocky Mountain Pizza Project on Prince of Wales Road, the heart of Norwich’s night scene. I’m ashamed to say that despite having accompanied friends in there, I’ve never actually bought a slice of pizza in the shop before (I’m certain that I once saw a cardboard cutout of Ainsley Harriott behind the counter in there after one particularly good night out. Maybe.)

The pricing structure is as simple and uncomplicated as the end product: £3.50 for an enormous slice of whatever flavour pizza they have on offer. Perhaps I was put off in the past by the cash when I could go home and make myself something for free. However, when you think about it, having paid the best part of a tenner to get into one of the grotty clubs and not too much less for a drink, £3.50 represents superb value, especially for what you’re getting. It’s also not far off the mark of other decidedly lower quality culinary products in other takeaways on the strip.

While queueing you get time to decide which you want, with all the pizzas they have displayed on hot plates behind a see-through Perspex screen. It’s nothing short of mouthwatering. With no set menu you take your chances but there are always their typical specials, and they make vegan options too.

I went near the end of the night, with the customer in front of me selling them out of the two meaty offerings with more to come soon out of the oven: traditional pepperoni and what looked like a meat feast-style pizza. What was left was an original Margherita and an interesting looking pizza with a pasta topping. In the past I have seen a whole range of toppings including the loaded ‘Fat Elvis’ and their signature meaty fayre, called something to do with bears, inkeeping with the mountain theme in their name.

The shop has a relatively small waiting area and counter. Service is prompt and friendly, with slices dished out either in traditional pizza boxes or on paper plates which make them seem even bigger (see middle photo below).

I plumped for the traditional Margherita. It was superb. Catering perhaps to their primary audience of hungry club-goers; big, clearly distinguishable flavours of the cheese and sauce come through on a light base with a crust of perfect thickness to actually eat, not too thick or stodgy like many chain pizzas you could get delivered.

This place is almost wasted on a clientele of predominantly tired, drunk young adults. Nevertheless, if it’s a pick-me-up you need (let’s face it, who stops for food on the way home after a night clubbing if it has gone to plan?) then you could do a lot worse than a huge slice of hot, tasty pizza.

When you think about the product you get, it is good quality, delicious and very good value, from a conveniently located shop slap bang in the middle of Norwich’s clubland. It may take some doing to usurp the kebab or tray of cheesy chips as the premier end-of-night snack for some, but one thing is certain: I’ll definitely be returning to Rocky Mountain Pizza Project, and I’m far from their only fan.

They say: “Canadian style Pizza with a Bang! Crazy toppings and Jumbo Slices doled out til late at night. Using local fresh ingredients! Vegan friendly too!”

33 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich
Open 23:00-04:00




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Tony Allen

20-year-old student from Norwich.

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