Shore thing!

Just a quick heads-up today…

Keep your eyes peeled for some posts later this year in anticipation of the upcoming second album from thinking man’s indie band The Granite Shore. Lead singer Nick Halliwell has this time enlisted the help of a certain Mr John Howard on piano and backing vocals, signed last year to his label Occultation Recordings, also The Granite Shore’s home.

After releasing several singles since 2009, their debut album, 2015’s Once More From The Top, is beautifully wistful with just a whiff of rose-tinted nostalgia. Halliwell’s vocals are at the same time measured and supple, accompanied by some superbly expressive bass lines by Arash Torabi, mixed with crystal clarity to give them space to breathe, a rare bonus. Once More from the Top, including its standout track Nine Days’ Wonder, is available to listen to on YouTube here.

This successful musical formula has been recreated on Someone Else, the first song to be released from forthcoming album Suspended Second, with an animated video created by Brad Yardhouse. But this time, the band says, the album will be much more politically angled, their response to a difficult thirteen-or-so months.

This politicisation of The Granite Shore is evident in the lyrics to this new track, set to a beautifully mellow and melodic backing which is nonetheless sufficiently sparse so as not to compete with or drown out Halliwell’s vocal performance. Although you imagine the lyric books of the CD and LP releases will be just as interesting in their own right as their aural counterparts, from the piano opening, featuring a vocal harmony including the unmistakable Howard twang, it becomes clear that this track is not merely a political polemic set to music. It’s much more considered and classy than that.

New material has been promised throughout the summer and into autumn in anticipation of an album release aimed for around October. I for one can’t wait to hear some more tracks and then the album as a whole.

Someone Else: The Musicians:

Mr Nick Halliwell
Mr Phil Wilson
Mr Arash Torabi
Mr Ian Henderson
Dr Steve Perrin
and Mr John Howard

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