Lotts of promise for Snazzie new pop ‘starr!

And then there was one…

This week, former The Good Natured and Lovestarrs frontwoman Sarah McIntosh has revealed that her stage name for her recently-announced solo venture will be her long term nickname Sazzie.

A brief history lesson: synthpop band The Good Natured formed as a three-piece, but stopped recording after being prevented by their label from releasing their LP. Sarah and brother Hamish from the band then became a duo, Lovestarrs, who earlier this year released their first and only album, Planet Lovestarr, on Defdisco. It had a much more bubblegum pop feel to it than The Good Natured’s series of singles, a long time in the making but worth every second of the wait. This June, Sazzie revealed that she’s going it alone.

We don’t know yet whether bassist Hamish is going to stay in music, or whether he will choose as different a career path as the third member of The Good Natured, drummer George Hinton, who Sarah told Phil Marriott in an interview went on to work in bird conservation.

Things are looking good for Sazzie as she aims to build on the success of Lovestarrs in her solo career. After Lovestarrs’ innovative Kickstarter campaign to fund the making of their aforementioned record, she knows how to harness the power of social media and positive publicity.

Recently, Sazzie revealed that she has been enjoying studio sessions with All About Tonight and Mama Do singer Pixie Lott.

The star, also known for hits including Cry Me Out and Boys and Girls, has topped the UK singles chart three times, collecting several BPI gold and silver discs along the way. Her debut album went double platinum with worldwide sales reaching in excess of 1.5 million. It’s not yet known if, when or how their collaboration will bear fruit.

Aside from these sessions, McIntosh has been busy behind the scenes lately, working with rising star Stacey Bee alongside writing and recording new material for herself, details of which she has been teasing to fans through a series of maddeningly vague tweets that Matt Healy would be proud of. Let’s hope Sazzie’s solo material will live up to expectations.

Sazzie is managed by Copeland Entertainment, who also represent a number of famous artist like the Beastie Boys’ Mix Master Mike. I wish her all the best and can’t wait to hear what she’s got in the can. Stay tuned for more!

Sazzie headshot

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