Man in a Small World: John Howard and the Night Mail – Review

“Hey darling, what did we promise ourselves all those years ago?”

John Howard and the Night Mail – Self Titled (Tapete Records) 9/10

The story of silver tongued pianist John Howard began in the mid 1970s, the decade in which his contemporary Elton John first topped the UK album and singles charts. Howard, however, was not so fortunate. His LP Kid in a Big World was never the hit many pundits expected it to be, some believing this was down to homophobia still rife in the music industry which severely inhibited any chance of radio play. Two unreleased albums later, and Howard left his label. After releasing a few singles, Howard went behind the scenes into A&R, recording only occasionally. Re-releases of his first three albums in the early 2000s saw a new light shone upon John Howard and he decided to return to the studio in front of the mic, releasing a number of albums up to the present day.

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